3 Steps to Product Innovation - Hand Cleanser Spray

Our major goal with providing Harkoi’s 3 steps to Product Innovation, is to let you in on the
brainstorming sessions behind each product, & how it came to be.

STEP 1 - The 'W' Questions

A concept we’ve adopted & made our own from the tech industry on the basis of the Lean Business Model, is finding your why.
It’s realising what sets a particular product apart from the competition. Or it’s unique value proposition.
Basically why is there a need for this product in the market.

The current pandemic has significantly increased the use of hand sanitizers amongst customers.
It is also a habit people will need to adopt in the long term.

Currently, the market is divided into two categories. Products made in alliance with the '100 rupees for 200 ml' rule as per the government. & Products outside this criteria.
Amongst the 1st category, market leaders are big FMCG brands, like Dettol & Lifebouy amongst others.
In the second category, are a lot of beauty brands, indie brands, making the UX of the product a little different. Brands include Bath & Body Works, Dot & Key, Ras Luxury Oils. Bath & Body Works rules this market.

The first category, Dettol & Lifebuoy are loved most because the mission statement of hygiene matches better than any other FMCG brands.
The second category, Bath & Body Works is most loved because of packaging & fragrance.

In the first category, because of earlier mentioned price caps, companies have had to remove existing nourishing ingredients to bring down the formulation cost to survive.
Making formulations quite drying upon continuous use.
In the second category, price is a major issue, while Bath & Body Works costing 10.2 rupees per ml, while the average price of this category is 5.5 rupees per ml.

The first category, restricted by the price cap.
In the second category, prices are higher because of additional nourishing ingredients, but mostly charges for brand name & retailer margins.

Hydration, since the skin is constantly losing hydration from the alcohols. It needs to be added back in.
Calming, since hands need to be instantly soothed.
Repair, for all the damage, caused previously.
Skin Barrier, one of the most important functions of this product is to help against free radicals & help the body rebuild the skin barrier.

A mid-ground between the two categories.
Keep price under rupees 3 per ml.
Add humectant to add water content back into the skin.
Repair & protect the skin barrier function.
Scented, to avoid nausea from the strong smell of alcohol.
Packaging needs to be convenient & handy.

Skincare ingredients, in alcohol base (60-70 concentration), scented.
Needs to perform functions of Hydration, Calming, Repair & Skin Barrier.

Skincare first approach to formulation.
Can succeed in Category 2, due to our D2C model which allows for more margins for formulation costing. Beating the price challenge faced by those in Category 2.

Without nourishing ingredients, sanitizers are usually harsh and leave a dried out feeling behind, their scent leads to an unsavory experience.
Any product with a bad UX (user experience) leads to a subconscious decrease in the number of times it is used.
In the current situation, this is counterproductive, which makes the UX of a product really important.

With a lot of hand sanitizers in the market, it will be hard to stand out.
Effectively marketing how the ingredients all work together.
Convincing category 1 consumers to pay a little more for a skincare infused product.
Shifting category 2 consumers from brand loyalty of popular beauty brands.

The product includes functions of Hydration, Calming, Repair & Skin Barrier. All in one product.
Affordable pricing.
D2C, which removes any chances of contamination.
FDA approved formulation.
Made in accordance with WHO guidelines of 60-70 percent alcohol concentration.

Sanitizing as an action has become part of our everyday.
A customer will subconsciously choose the product which smells pleasant, does dry out hands & is easy to use.
Thus to get into their #HarkoiRitual, UX at Step 3 will be extremely important.

No Triclosan
No Benzalkonium Chloride
No Sulfates
No Parabens

STEP 2 - Functions & Ingredients

As defined earlier, we needed to fulfill the following 4 functions.

We have two humectants in the product, Glycerin & Propylene Glycol. Both extremely effective & meet our clean ingredients guidelines. Glycerin mimics what’s known as skin’s natural moisturizing factor (NMF), which is why it’s compatible with all skin types, of all ages.

Aloe Vera, universal ingredient, with ancient history touting its additional anti-bacterial properties. The skin absorbs Aloe vera up to four times faster than water, it appears to help pores of the skin open and receive moisture and nutrients.

Vitamin E lives and protects cell membranes, which form a protective barrier around cells to keep them healthy and hydrated which in turn helps in keeping skin moisturized and supple. It is fat-soluble and therefore it is able to penetrate deep into the skin and preserves the lipids (fats). Vitamin E also has anti-inflammatory properties that help in fighting bacteria that cause redness, itchy, and irritated skin.

with hydration in, and Aloe Vera helping the absorption, Vitamin E helps to trap it in.

STEP 3 - User Experience

For the Harkoi Hand Cleanser Spray, there were 2 main User Experience points we needed to discuss.

while following the clean beauty philosophy, we usually avoid formulating with fragrance, we understood the need of the hour. The alcohol smell is so strong, that unless correctly balanced with the right fragrance, the product would give most a headache. We also wanted to be sure of the type of fragrance we are using, and make sure it doesn't linger in the air afterward.

Gel - Bad - alcohol at very high levels could lead to evaporation before evenly distributed. Uneven distribution.
Gel - Good - Most popular form, great for self-service in public areas.
Spray - Bad - in public areas need someone else to spray.
Spray - Good - even distribution of product, for personal use, or to share amongst a small group, convenient to spray from a distance. Convenient Application.
GOAL - easy to carry, personal-sized spray pump.

We chose to use a spray pump for even, faster application of product & ability to share. 

We thank our development & production teams for understanding our vision, and creating a Hand Cleanser Spray worth every spritz!

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